About Project Mindfulness

A global initiative for radically accessible meditation & mindfulness.

Project MIndfulness Offers Free Meditation Courses Podcasts and Live Streams
Our Volunteers

Their contribution makes this possible

In addition to our co-founders, our dozens of volunteers make Project Mindfulness possible. Whether they contribute through our unique buddy program in our community, through content contribution, guiding meditations, or something else - it all goes to creating the incredible platform so many thousands benefit from.

Our Mission

Project Mindfulness aims to break through the cultural barriers of mysticism and secrecy often surrounding meditation and its related practices. We aim to create a radically accessible platform where as many people as possible can benefit from meditation & mindfulness.

Project Mindfulness sought to create and cultivate an open ended community where all are welcome. We continue to take on the attitude that "anyone and their beliefs and practices are welcome, so long as there is respect." We're here to grow together.

What we do



Project Mindfulness was founded in 2018 primarily as an online community and has since grown into the large platform it is today.



Our community has meditated a total of 5000 hours together to-date! That's over 200 days of meditation.



Our online community has over 3000 active & participating members, and we're growing rapidly from month-to-month.


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