Christiaan Neeteson


Christiaan is passionate about building communities. With over 6 years of experience in social work, emphasis on the more severe personality disorders, his interest for the workings of the mind is apparent. Driven to understand human behavior, he is currently studying Psychology and practices Chan/Zen in the lineage of Sheng Yen. As an avid music and audio producer, he hosts the podcast and produces meditative music.



Finding Your Bliss

In this episode I talk with Lou Redmond, who is a meditation teacher and writer. Central to this episode is finding your bliss, the hero's journey and belief in action. We talk how Lou went from addiction to alcohol to a complete change in his body and mind. He found his path and supposedly his destiny. We deconstruct what happened to him and why he had the courage to quit his job and go on a soul searching journey. We talk about his meditation practice and his teachings on Insight Timer.

Joining our community on Discord

With this guide, you will learn about the basics of our online community and Discord.

Shamanism, Psychomagic & La Malinche

In this episode, I talk with Maria Fernanda Leaño or Malinche about her practice and journey in spirituality. We talk about her multicultural upbringing and how it shaped her to be passionate about building bridges between cultures, races and countries. The name and history of La Malinche is inherently connected with this mission. We talk about the connection to native Mexican culture, especially Shamanism. We explore what Shamanism is and how she implements it in her art. An important part of this is psychomagic. Changing our perspective.

Lucid Dreaming, Creativity & Mindfulness in...

Helen Denham is a recording artist & writer from New York. We talk about her meditation practice and mindfulness in performing. Besides meditation as inspiration for her writing, she uses a dream journal and reality checks in her practice. Coming from a past of modelling, she had a hard time accepting her self-image, we talk about this journey and the liberation of self-acceptance.

How to Meditate in 9 Simple...

Learn how to start your meditation practice with these 9 simple steps. Short and accessible, you'll learn how to meditate simply by following our practice recommendations. Begin your journey now!

Nomad Lifestyle & Mindful Finances

In this episode I talk with Alasdair, who is currently a nomad living in a caravan in France together with his fiancée. In 2015 he decided to sell all his things, leave his job and take a oneway plane ticket out of the country. We talk about managing waste, simple living and being mindful with our finances. Alasdair also talks about Hashimoto's thyroiditis, a autoimmune disease, and how he was forced to be mindful of what he eats and what effects it has on his body & mind.
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