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With over 3500 members in our online community and daily events, it might be worth joining us to see what it’s all about. For hosting our events, we use the program called ‘Discord’. In this post, I’ll explain what Discord is, how to use it and how to make full use of our community.

What is Discord?

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The Discord app works with desktop and mobile platforms, combining the features of a chat lobby, a message board and a VoIP chatting system into one app which won’t take up all the resources on your phone or PC.

The platform is mainly used for people who want to connect each other playing games, but in recent years, communities around twitch live streamers and social communities have grown increasingly. Making friends, sharing quotes, discussing texts and live chat are the reason why we chose this platform. Let’s get started

Getting started

In this section, we’ll explain you each step in joining our community. Once you click on this invite link

The following screen will appear:

You will see the following screen if you have never logged in before. Choose a username that fits you and make sure to agree to the terms of services.
That’s it! Really, you don’t even need to register your e-mail address right away. Just verify that you aren’t a robot and create an account.

Once you filled in the necessary information. Discord reminds you to claim your account using your e-mail address if you would like to keep the username. You can simply click next to this pop-up if you do not want to claim the account for now, and simply start to use discord!

Welcome in the server

The following screen will be your start screen (A mobile version will soon be made). On the right side of the screen you can see the users that are currently online. On the left side you see the servers you are in (represented by the icon), next to it are the channels and in the middle is the display of the current channel you are in.

Simply click on a channel name to see it’s content. At first, you will have a limited view of the channels. We’ve set this up in the hopes of not overloading you with new information and make the process simpler. After 10 minutes in the server, you will gain access to all common channels.

#read-this channel

Let’s take a look at the first channel we land on, called #read-this:

Mission statement & disclaimer

In this channel, we present our mission statement & disclaimer:

We are a global community to support each other on the path of awakening and awareness. Let’s keep the emphasis on mindfulness, respect and compassion; This is a space for all interested in or practicing meditation & mindfulness and all are welcome. Self-moderation, spiritual growth and personal maturity is our purpose for coming together.

Consider any advice you find on this server with a healthy dose of common sense. 
Please consider seeking professional help if you encounter serious mental issues.

Server Activities

Below this statement, you can opt-in to our server activities. Simply click on the number of the activity you would like to opt-in to. In short:
1. Courses – On our website, we aim to offer various courses to help you in your practice. Opt-in to this activity to receive notifications about new course development.
2. Challenger – If you are interested in a little challenge, make sure to opt-in to this one. We have a habit-challenge and meditation-challenge and might present you with new ones in the future!
3. Book Club – Every Saturday we read a book together in the book-club voice channel and post about it in the #book-club channel. If you’d like to read books about meditation & mindfulness together, make sure to opt-in to this one.
4. Group Meditation – Both daily and weekly our staff members will do a guided meditation live in the voice channels. Besides this podcast guests will do a guided meditation too. If you opt-in to this one, you will be tagged every time there is news about the activity.
5. Study Group – Want to dig in a little deeper? With the Study Group we look at various books and texts about meditation, awareness and mindfulness. Opt-in if you’d like to be notified.

Learn more

Last but not least, you will be able to learn more about our server and the specific channels in the section called “Learn More” on the #about channel. Simply click on the channel name indicated in that section, to go to the channel. It might be worth checking out the event-schedule to see if you can mark one of our events in your agenda!

#Welcome channel

When you go to the left side of your screen, you will notice a red block next to the channel name #welcome. This means someone tagged you in that channel. Click on the channel and you will be able to see who tagged you. In this case it’s one of our server bots. It’s a robot that helps us out with some stuff in the server, including making you feel right at home! Click on the #welcome channel and find out who tagged you and what they said.

Our bots help us out with logistics and are made to support you

Buddy B has a ‘BOT’ label next to it’s name, so you can be sure that this is not a real human. You will notice it summarizes what we’ve told you in this guide. Speaking of ‘Guides’, we have server members who will welcome you on joining the server and are there to help you out with any questions you have regarding the server. If you would like some help, simple ask your question and use the @ symbol to tag the @Guides.

When someone tags you, the message appears with a yellowish tint.

On the right side of the typing field, you see three icons. The ‘Package’ symbol is not important for now. The ‘GIF’ icon is to post a moving image and the ‘Smiley’ icon is to use an emoji in your message. We have uploaded our very own emoji’s to brighten (and lighten) up the server and communication.

The icon on the left side ‘+’, gives you the option to add an image, sound file or text (Attachments) to your message.


There are many more things to do in the server and Discord, but you will find this out as you go along. You can right-click on someone’s name to get more information about them, add them as a friend and do many other things. Below we’ve compiled some of the essentials you will find useful before starting:

Exclamation Marks
Discord will show you a few exclamation marks. Click them to find out more about how discord works!

When a red notification appears next to a channel, it means someone tagged you in the channel.

Pinned Messages
This icon will display the pinned messages of a channel. Make sure to read these to understand what the channel is about.

Channel Description
Click on the text at the top of a channel next to the channel name to read the channel description.

Additional Server info

In this section, we will explain to you a bit more in detail how our server works. We have channels for a specific purpose, as explained above, which can be found by checking out the pinned messages. Let’s talk a little bit more into detail about our guidelines, moderation and the different roles people have in our server:


This is a server for support, for growing and for developing healthy habits.
We do not encourage dogmatic or unfriendly behaviour, but believe in openness and transparency. We offer our services for free and intend to build resources to support others in their practice online.

Self-moderation, spiritual growth and personal maturity is our purpose for coming together. This means that we expect every member to be able to take care of themselves and be responsible. This belief should not be taken to an extreme, but we rather see a situation resolve naturally as opposed to forcefully. We aim to moderate and interact by example; be the change we want to see in the world. We aim to encourage other’s to practice, deepen their practice and share their difficulties.

We believe in a healthy community; good vibes, fun, positive re-enforcement and a personal approach. Every new member can become a more happy person when practicing meditation, so let’s do our best to help establish that habit !

Moderation & Rules

– No sharing of copyrighted material
– No unsolicited DM’s (unless staff or DM-friendly tag)
– No tagging of roles without permission
– No advertising (unless ranked or requested)
– No politics
– Respectful towards LGBT+, all ages, all religions and traditions

If there is behaviour that is not in line with our server vision:
1. You will be notified by staff.
2. When behaviour continues, you will be muted.
3. When behaviour continues, or you were muted multiple times, you will receive up to 3 warnings.
4. After the third warning you will be kicked.
5. If you decide to come back and again choose to not abide in the mission statement, you will be banned. Participation in this server is part of our practice and the path of awakening, let’s use it wisely together!


@Admins – Admins are responsible for the server running smoothly and can help you with anything and answer any questions you might have.
@Moderators – Moderators help keep the server civil by managing userbase and chat. When a member violates our guidelines a moderator can be tagged. Ask them if you need any help!
@Intern Moderators – Int. Moderators have the same permission and function, learning the ropes
Activity Moderators – Have a question about a server activity? Let these activity moderators know. These are not responsible for the chat and userbase moderation, but rather take care of our server activities.
@Chief Buddy – The person who oversees and manages buddy activity
@Buddies – Buddies give support and guidance where needed and help keep the community healthy and friendly.
@Teachers – Teachers are able to teach you a specific meditation technique and give Q&A’s or talks to help you deepen your practice.
@Guides – Our awesome team of welcomers who can show you the way around the server

Ranks & Rewards

We have a system set up through the Buddy BOT that gives you points, levels andexperience based on your interaction in the server. This means that the more you participate and visit us regularly, the more points you will get. There are 7 different ranks for our users, and some of those have their own chat channel. These are the rank names, which all have their own colour in chat.
Everyone starts out as a seeker and will progress to, eventually, Singularity. These are not implications about how advanced or active one is in their meditation practice, simply for activity in our server. A fun way to encourage participation, nothing more.

Meditation points

If you participate in our monthly meditation challenge, you can add your meditation time to our own bot. The bot is called ‘Bloom’ and was custom made for us by a bot developer. How to use the bot can be found in the pinned message in #meditation-challenge. We decided to add a little bit of fun to the process, so you will receive a star based on the amount of time you have meditated. This is the star rank system:
3 shooting stars = 100000 minutes
2 shooting stars = 50000 minutes
1 shooting star = 20000 minutes
3 mega stars = 10000 minutes
2 mega stars = 5000 minutes
1 mega star = 2000 minutes
3 special stars = 1000 minutes
2 special stars = 500 minutes
1 special star = 250 minutes
3 stars = 150 minutes
2 stars = 100 minutes
1 star = 50 minutes

The star system is a way to add a little bit of fun to participating in our meditation challenge. It’s not a judgement on how well or advanced a person is in meditation.


Our main channels will be visible 10 minutes after joining our server. We encourage you to click on the channels, their description, and the pinned messages. This can be a fun and easy way to learn what they are all about. They are divided into 5 categories called ‘Info’, ‘General’, ‘Off-topic’, ‘Activities’, ‘Sharing/Creative’.
We also have separate (hidden) channels for the following meditation/mindfulness techniques. We’ve made them hidden to not create an overload of channels in your display and create small spaces for people who really want to dedicate conversation to what they practice:
If you would like to access the above channels, assign yourself the proper rank in #bots. You will find more info on how to do that in the pinned messages in that channel.

Joining activities

As mentioned above, we have some incredible live events to support you in your practice. Once you opted-in to an activity in the #about channel (or in #bots), you will be notified about activities and when they will take place in #announcements. Alright, so the event is almost starting…. exciting, but where do you go?

These three icons are important when you join a voice channel.

The above image shows three icons, one of a ‘Microphone’, which simply mutes or unmutes you. Next to it is a ‘Headphone’ icon, which will mute everyone else if you click it. Last but not least, the ‘Cogweel’ icon will show you the audio settings of discord. It’s useful to go through these when you can’t hear others, or others can’t hear you.

Voice channels

Voicechannels will show you who is in there. Take a look at the image above. You see a green circle around the person (Craig) who is talking and no circle around those who aren’t talking. If someone is muted or muted everyone else, it displays that icon next to the person’s name. All the people appear below the voicechannel they have joined. Voicechannels have a ‘Speaker’ icon next to it. Simply click on the voicechannel you want to join to enter it. For most activities, it might be clever to first mute your microphone before joining. Most voicechannels have a text channel above it. If people can’t hear you or you don’t want to talk. Use the text channel with the same name!

Time to hop in

If you are reading this, you either scrolled down because you were curious OR you actually read the whole guide. This means you are ready to jump in. You’ve learned all the basics of Discord to make use of our community. There are still many things to discover, but this will simply require you to interact, explore and play around with the server. We have our own custom made bots, different roles and tags and much more. Time to find out, what are you waiting for? Join us here:

Join our online discord community about meditation & mindfulness
Christiaan Neeteson
Christiaan Neeteson
Christiaan is passionate about building a supportive, healthy and positive community. He hosts the podcast, creates meditative music and is the co-founder of Project Mindfulness.

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