Meditation and Mindfulness, Enlightenment and Liberty

Estimated time to read: < 1 minuteWater lapping under her toes, she stands tall on the New York Bay shore. Contrasted against the dark night sky, she holds high a golden glowing symbol of hope, liberty, and enlightenment. She is the The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World.

Some say she cries at night. Horrifying evil actions cruelly delivered upon innocent people are done abroad and even close to her own home. Darkest evil that represents the exact opposite of liberty and enlightenment.

In these dark times of evil powers imposing their will on our lives, isn’t it wonderful that we have the liberty to mindfully respond to any situation in life?

Contrasted against the darkness of greed, hatred, and confusion, our community shines for you. Our torch is lit with the fire of its members as we continuously aspire towards enlightenment. We are explorers and seekers of wisdom. Yet, we also humbly acknowledge our imperfect humanity. As we learn, love, and listen, we support everyone on the path of awakening, awareness, and meditation.

As the Statue of Liberty might say:

Give us your suffering and mentally sore,

Explorers wishing to feel free,

Send us your stressed and confused galore.

We’ll empower through our community.

Let us be an enlightenment door.

We freely share our light with you. Come join us as we mindfully learn and meditate together.


Meditation and Mindfulness Course Statue of Liberty

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