The Benefits of Meditation

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The Benefits of Meditation:

We’ve already discussed at length the meaning behind meditation and its long-term benefits.  Just as there lie beautiful diamonds hidden away in the mountain’s core, so too lies precious gems along the way.  People begin meditating for a variety of reasons, but they all come down to a single cause.  Whether mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, they want to improve their lives significantly.

Mental Benefits:

Improving your concentration and mindfulness skills will help you be more attentive to yourself and others.  You’d be surprised how many pitfalls you can avoid if you merely paid attention to what was happening within your awareness.  We rarely struggle from too many clues, only the ability to investigate.  For the same reasons, it also enhances memory because when you’re paying attention, it’s harder to forget.

Mental resilience is one of the greatest meta-skills you can acquire in life.  There will be difficult moments in meditation when you desire to quit.  Learning to deal with adversity or bad sessions will help you develop the fortitude to stand up to difficulties in your way.  

Physical Benefits:

Despite meditation occurring mostly quietly within your mind, there’re plenty of physical benefits.  Being mindful of what’s happening to you helps you deal with both good and bad times.  Difficulties occur, yet you’ll endure.  This type of stress management enables you to build a more vigorous constitution and a healthier heart.  It even helps heal inflammation faster!

Emotional Benefits:

One of the juiciest fruits of meditation is the ability to control our emotions.  We often overreact because we’re unaware of why we feel a certain way.  Being mindful of what’s occurring to yourself helps you understand what’s going on.  You’ll find you quickly become less aggressive and irritable; instead, being your naturally happy and compassionate self.  You’ll become a better partner, parent, child, sibling, and friend.

The Noblest Benefit:

As mentioned above and at the end of What is Meditation, the most notable benefits are the precious diamonds, hidden away within ourselves.  These are permanent changes occur as you investigate deeply within your consciousness.  You’ll find yourself removed from fear, anxiety, ego, and self-judgment.  

When you investigate deeply within yourself, you’ll discover sensations are impermanent, not-you, and a cause of suffering.  Once you experience this, your perception will begin to shift.  It’s as easy as starting.

David Bowman
David's teaching style is direct, clear, and to the point. With over 8 years of experience in the field of meditation, his work is both accessible as well as pragmatic. Having worked in think tanks, financial institutes, rabbinical and graduate schools, David’s personal philosophy is deeply informed by his eclectic past.

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