Using Meditation to Relax

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Using Meditation to Relax:

Using meditation to relax will help you with both life’s complexities and difficulties.  Learning how to meditate will significantly alter your level of happiness and success.  There’s a reason why vacationers sit on the beach, drink in hand, worrying away about their fears and anxieties.  It’s neither a beach trip nor a fancy hotel that solves our problems, but the ability to probe within ourselves and seek out the truth.   

What is Relaxation:

Relaxation is an elusive concept.  No matter how quickly you chase after this idea of comfort, you’ll never catch it.  Most believe peace-of-mind is a particular thing, something you can grab onto, but it’s the opposite.  Feeling content with the present moment, yourself, and those around you is a skill.  Something to be trained and worked on with daily practice.

Fear & Anxiety:

Our fears and anxieties prevent us from feeling relaxed.  We experience fear when we try to live in the past and anxiety when we try to live in the future.  Living in the present moment isn’t about sky-diving, taking risks, or walking around slowly.  You experience the intensity of the present with intense meditative experiences.  As you investigate sensations within your awareness, you’ll find they’re all impermanent.  They come, do their thing, and then disappear forever.  With practice, you’ll begin to realize neither the past nor future exists.  Only the present exists, and with this new understanding, both fear and anxiety will start to disappear. 

The Judgment of Self:

We suffer, not because of the observations of others, but from the rulings of ourselves. It comes from attachment to some concept we’ve contrived of ourselves.  Through powerful meditation, you’ll begin to discover this is untrue.  Everywhere you look, you’ll find sensations, but none of them will be you.  As you dig deeper and deeper within, the concept of self will become more appealing. Still, again, there will be nothing recognizable as yourself.  Once you experience this, it will become obvious there’s no such thing as the self, and you’ll alleviate the necessity to judge yourself.

The Judgment of Others:

We unfairly expect too much out of this world and others.  It’s because of our implicit bias on how the world should be.  When you meditate, you’ll begin to notice sensations lack this concept of expectation and judgment.  They are what they are.  They come, do their thing, and then go away indefinitely.  It’s only our improper biases harboring unfair levels of expectation.  When experiencing the truth of sensations, this bias disappears, and you’ll be able to appreciate whatever happens around you.


We’re in a constant state of tension because we refuse to accept the world as it is.  The world is emotionlessly impermanent, not us, and generally unsatisfactory. We experience this first-hand we try to hide from the present moment or judge others and ourselves.  With heartfelt meditation, we begin to see the truth, and these problems dissolve.  The world becomes tensionless because you’ve accepted it for what it is, changing your awareness forever.  

David Bowman
David's teaching style is direct, clear, and to the point. With over 8 years of experience in the field of meditation, his work is both accessible as well as pragmatic. Having worked in think tanks, financial institutes, rabbinical and graduate schools, David’s personal philosophy is deeply informed by his eclectic past.

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