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Project Mindfulness Podcast

What? In-depth discussions about meditation & mindfulness
When? Every Monday
How long? 60 minutes

Every week, Christiaan Neeteson talks with various people practicing mindfulness & meditation. From Eastern to Western Philosophy, Artists, Doctors, Physicians, Psychologists and alternative medicine, all fields have valuable insights and we explore those in this podcast. The foundation of our discussions are authenticity and personal connection, and we persistently aim to make you feel like a part of the family.

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Lucid Dreaming, Creativity & Mindfulness in performing

Helen Denham is a recording artist & writer from New York. We talk about her meditation practice and mindfulness in performing. Besides meditation as inspiration for her writing, she uses a dream journal and reality checks in her practice. Coming from a past of modelling, she had a hard time accepting her self-image, we talk about this journey and the liberation of self-acceptance.

Nomad Lifestyle & Mindful Finances

In this episode I talk with Alasdair, who is currently a nomad living in a caravan in France together with his fiancée. In 2015 he decided to sell all his things, leave his job and take a oneway plane ticket out of the country. We talk about managing waste, simple living and being mindful with our finances. Alasdair also talks about Hashimoto's thyroiditis, a autoimmune disease, and how he was forced to be mindful of what he eats and what effects it has on his body & mind.

Reiki, Energy healing & Divine Feminine

In this episode, I talk with Shereen, also known as 'Law of Positivism' on Instagram. She is a meditation teacher, writer, certified Hatha yoga teacher and reiki 2 practitioner. We talk about her spiritual journey from business and marketing into energy healing, astrology and Reiki. Her mission is to create a higher positive vibration in the world, connecting with others and sharing her passion. We explore exactly what she does, why she does it and what you can learn from it.

What is The Mind Illuminated?

Today I talk with Upasaka Upali, who is a meditation teacher and currently studies with Upasaka Culadasa. He studied meditation first with Tucker Peck, Ph.D. and currently studies with Upasaka Culadasa. He lives in the Southeastern United States where he teaches meditation locally and over video chat. We talk about his experiences and practice and what exactly 'The Mind Illuminated' is.

Daoism and Tai-Chi

After developing anxiety, George Thompson went on a 6-month trip to China to take a new approach to living. He studies Daoism and Tai-Chi in the Wudang Mountains with Master Gu. We talk about his experiences and insights in this episode.

Audiobiography of a Yogi

Rajan is 4 months out of a 12 year monastic career. He wanted to see if meditation is real and if it can bring you into higher states of consciousness. Listen to his story, his journey and the discoveries he made.

Psychedelics, Tolle & Vinyasa Flow

In this episode I'm talking with Quinn Travis, who is a Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor. We talk about his personal journey from psychedelics to Yoga. How for a time there was no "Quinn" anymore and he had to redefine his purpose in life. As Eckhart Tolle was quite central in my personal journey, so it is for Quinn in his journey.

Yoga; why do it and where to start?

In this episode, I talk with Rob Guilmette, who is a Yoga teacher and musician from Los Angeles. Rob has been teaching Yoga since 2013. Originally from Lynwood, Rob has trained with world renowned yoga teachers and is happy to share what he has learned with us. We talk about his personal journey into yoga, why yoga is important and where to start with Yoga practice.

The deeper states of Meditation – Silas Day – Ep. 11

Silas Day is an author, writer, meditation teacher, and dharma student. He writes books, posts, lectures on dharma topics and creates guided meditations to help those who want to better themselves. He lives with his wonderful wife and cat (Miko). He has somewhere around 11,000 hours of meditation under his belt and over 15000 plays of his guided meditations on Insight Timer. We talk about his practice, the deeper states of meditation and the lessons he learned after extensive practice in various traditions and methods.

Meditation around the world with Lauren Skae

Lauren Skae (@thezenblonde) is a writer, meditation instructor and currently travelling the world to discover different approaches to meditation. She travelled from Bali, India, Nepal, Korea, Thailand, Israel, Turkey to Ireland to discover the ancient secrets of meditation and mindfulness. Practicing in different traditions, she learns first-hand about the culture, traditions and religions. We talk about her travels and her discoveries in this episode.

Why (and how) Meditation on the Breath Actually Works

Whether you've meditated before or not...or whether you've even heard of meditation before...I'd be willing to bet you've heard of some...

What’s the purpose of meditation, anyway?

Why do I meditate? Why should you meditate? Why does anyone meditate? What the hell is the purpose of meditation, anyway?

Becoming a Successful Leader.

In this episode I have a talk with Marc Lesser. We talk about his current book, Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader, a book about the most important lessons Marc took away from being in a Zen monastery kitchen for 10 years and working as a CEO afterwards. His work involves collaborations with companies such as Facebook and Google. The episode talks about mindful leadership, the importance of habits and emotional intelligence.

What exactly is Awakening?

In this episode I have a talk with Dr. John Yates or Upasaka Culadasa. We talk about his current book, The Mind Illuminated. A book that bestselling meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg raves “brings the path of meditation to life.” We talk on why he wrote it and what are important things to know when reading it. We talk about his new upcoming book, what the buddha really taught, online internet forums and insights, the somatic and psychological aspects of human development and what exactly is awakening?