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Daoism and Tai-Chi

After developing anxiety, George Thompson went on a 6-month trip to China to take a new approach to living. He studies Daoism and Tai-Chi in the Wudang Mountains with Master Gu. We talk about his experiences and insights in this episode.

Audiobiography of a Yogi

Rajan is 4 months out of a 12 year monastic career. He wanted to see if meditation is real and if it can bring you into higher states of consciousness. Listen to his story, his journey and the discoveries he made.

Psychedelics, Tolle & Vinyasa Flow

In this episode I'm talking with Quinn Travis, who is a Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor. We talk about his personal journey from psychedelics to Yoga. How for a time there was no "Quinn" anymore and he had to redefine his purpose in life. As Eckhart Tolle was quite central in my personal journey, so it is for Quinn in his journey.

Yoga; why do it and where to start?

In this episode, I talk with Rob Guilmette, who is a Yoga teacher and musician from Los Angeles. Rob has been teaching Yoga since 2013. Originally from Lynwood, Rob has trained with world renowned yoga teachers and is happy to share what he has learned with us. We talk about his personal journey into yoga, why yoga is important and where to start with Yoga practice.

The deeper states of Meditation – Silas Day – Ep. 11

Silas Day is an author, writer, meditation teacher, and dharma student. He writes books, posts, lectures on dharma topics and creates guided meditations to help those who want to better themselves. He lives with his wonderful wife and cat (Miko). He has somewhere around 11,000 hours of meditation under his belt and over 15000 plays of his guided meditations on Insight Timer. We talk about his practice, the deeper states of meditation and the lessons he learned after extensive practice in various traditions and methods.

Mindfulness & Psychology: Memory, Emotions and Aging

Today I have a talk with Robert J. Goodman, Ph.D., assistant professor at Northern Arizona University. Robert is a psychologist who examines the neurological, behavioral and psycho social consequences of mindfulness. In this episode, we talk about the influence of mindfulness on memory, regulating emotions, the practice of Satipatthana and aging-related memory decline. I'm sure this talk will help you understand why this practice is so important for each one of us. I'm joined by Tim Schofield from the UK, one of our community members who writes about non-duality and minimalism, who provides additional questions and input.

02: Of Honor and Purpose

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - Session 02: Thank you very much for...

Mindful Massage, Climate Change & Compassion

In this episode, I have a talk with Frank Leder about mindfulness, compassion and vipassana meditation. Frank Leder is the founder of the TouchLife School of Massage in Europe. Frank is a direct descendant of Ruth Denison and is a teacher in her lineage in Europe. One of the central questions in this episode is: How do we develop patience and loving kindness in these hurried and stressful times? He talks about his personal journey into meditation, his experience in the practice and his advice for each of us applying mindfulness in daily life.

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