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What? In-depth discussions about meditation & mindfulness
When? Every Monday
How long? 60 minutes

Every week, Christiaan Neeteson talks with various people practicing mindfulness & meditation. From Eastern to Western Philosophy, Artists, Doctors, Physicians, Psychologists and alternative medicine, all fields have valuable insights and we explore those in this podcast. The foundation of our discussions are authenticity and personal connection, and we persistently aim to make you feel like a part of the family.

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Episode 9: It’s all in the breathing with Dr. Brad Lichtenstein

Dr. Brad Lichtenstein is a naturopathic physician in a private practice, and a professor at Bastyr University. He believes in the power of breath to restore health and balance. His private practice is focused on Mind & Body Medicine, specialized in Clinical Biofeedback, Psychotherapy, chronic illnesses and end of life bedside care. In this episode we talk about his practice, his insights and his advice for anyone practicing meditation & mindfulness.

Episode 8: All about Flow with Joanna Turner

What is flow? What can you do with it? In this episode, I talk with Joanna Turner about her experience in meditation and her journey in discovering her flow. Joanna is a leading Wealth & Success Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner. We discover the relationship between Flow & Mindfulness and find out how you can access this incredible state of awareness.

Episode 7: Facing the Reflection in the Mirror with Duane Toops

In this episode I talk with Duane Toops about his practice and his experience on the path of Meditation. Duane talks about his journey from Vipassana and Mindfulness to Chan Buddhism. Central to this talk is the idea of facing ourselves in the mirror. Seeing clearly where we are and working with what we have. It's not always an easy experience, but ultimately it is the way forward to self-improvement and lasting change.

Episode 6: What is Unified Mindfulness? with Ron Russell

In this episode, I have a talk with Ron Russell. Ron is a level 2 certified unified mindfulness coach and a teacher in our online community. So what exactly is Unified Mindfulness and why is it different from other meditation techniques? We explore it in this episode.

Episode 5: From Vipassana to Chan Buddhism with Mark Gilenson

In this fifth episode, I have a chat with Mark Gilenson. Mark is Chan Priest and Bass player, part of our teacher team in the Meditation Community. He shares about his encounter with Meditation, his current practice and the important lessons he learned throughout the years. He emphasizes how meditation alone will not bring you a happy life, and how there are more components to the relief of suffering in our lives.

Episode 4: Exploration and Open Awareness

In this episode, I talk with meditator Mike Finney about his practice and his exploration of Meditation. From a very young age, Finney encountered meditation by watching Star Wars, wondering how to levitate things himself. As his journey continued, he learned about different ways to meditate and how it can help to improve your life. This episode got some sound effects, so be ready!

Episode 3: Experience Meditation

In this third episode of the podcast, I talk with Benjamin Bush about his practice and his experience with meditation. Benjamin, together with Greg, David and me are part of the themindfulcourse.com team. Benjamin explains the difference between the practice of meditation and the experience, and proposes some interesting ways to connect with the experience outside of sitting practice.

Episode 2: Swami J & Bhakti Yoga

For this second episode, I have a chat with Greg Jacoby, traveller and meditator, coming from a background of drug dealing and dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Greg encountered meditation on his travel to Indonesia, but on his return was not yet able to build up a different life and change his habits. He found himself in debt, was able to resolve it and realized something had to change. He planned a 28-day retreat with Swami J (Traditional Yoga and Meditation) in Northern India and his life turned around. You’ll find that the change and deep found peace of Greg is both inspiring and heartfelt.

Episode 1: Pragmatic Meditation

For this first episode, I have a chat with David Bowman, 31 year young New-Yorkian, former Rabbi and a background of working in corporate finance. David found his way to Meditation through Judaism and discovered how Pragmatic Meditation can help people who don't connect with a religion or have no interest in dogma yet still want to be able to follow the Path of Meditation. David created a free course on themindfulcourse.com about access concentration, a way for anyone to practice Meditation with measurable results. You’ll find that the motivation and enthusiasm of David is contagious… and I believe this first episode is a great kick-off to the upcoming podcasts.

Why (and how) Meditation on the Breath Actually Works

Whether you've meditated before or not...or whether you've even heard of meditation before...I'd be willing to bet you've heard of some...

What’s the purpose of meditation, anyway?

Why do I meditate? Why should you meditate? Why does anyone meditate? What the hell is the purpose of meditation, anyway?

Becoming a Successful Leader.

In this episode I have a talk with Marc Lesser. We talk about his current book, Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader, a book about the most important lessons Marc took away from being in a Zen monastery kitchen for 10 years and working as a CEO afterwards. His work involves collaborations with companies such as Facebook and Google. The episode talks about mindful leadership, the importance of habits and emotional intelligence.

What exactly is Awakening?

In this episode I have a talk with Dr. John Yates or Upasaka Culadasa. We talk about his current book, The Mind Illuminated. A book that bestselling meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg raves “brings the path of meditation to life.” We talk on why he wrote it and what are important things to know when reading it. We talk about his new upcoming book, what the buddha really taught, online internet forums and insights, the somatic and psychological aspects of human development and what exactly is awakening?