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Reiki, Energy healing & Divine Feminine

In this episode, I talk with Shereen, also known as 'Law of Positivism' on Instagram. She is a meditation teacher, writer, certified Hatha yoga teacher and reiki 2 practitioner. We talk about her spiritual journey from business and marketing into energy healing, astrology and Reiki. Her mission is to create a higher positive vibration in the world, connecting with others and sharing her passion. We explore exactly what she does, why she does it and what you can learn from it.

What is The Mind Illuminated?

Today I talk with Upasaka Upali, who is a meditation teacher and currently studies with Upasaka Culadasa. He studied meditation first with Tucker Peck, Ph.D. and currently studies with Upasaka Culadasa. He lives in the Southeastern United States where he teaches meditation locally and over video chat. We talk about his experiences and practice and what exactly 'The Mind Illuminated' is.

Daoism and Tai-Chi

After developing anxiety, George Thompson went on a 6-month trip to China to take a new approach to living. He studies Daoism and Tai-Chi in the Wudang Mountains with Master Gu. We talk about his experiences and insights in this episode.

Audiobiography of a Yogi

Rajan is 4 months out of a 12 year monastic career. He wanted to see if meditation is real and if it can bring you into higher states of consciousness. Listen to his story, his journey and the discoveries he made.

Psychedelics, Tolle & Vinyasa Flow

In this episode I'm talking with Quinn Travis, who is a Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor. We talk about his personal journey from psychedelics to Yoga. How for a time there was no "Quinn" anymore and he had to redefine his purpose in life. As Eckhart Tolle was quite central in my personal journey, so it is for Quinn in his journey.

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