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Episode 4: Exploration and Open Awareness

In this episode, I talk with meditator Mike Finney about his practice and his exploration of Meditation. From a very young age, Finney encountered meditation by watching Star Wars, wondering how to levitate things himself. As his journey continued, he learned about different ways to meditate and how it can help to improve your life. This episode got some sound effects, so be ready!

Episode 2: Swami J & Bhakti Yoga

For this second episode, I have a chat with Greg Jacoby, traveller and meditator, coming from a background of drug dealing and dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Greg encountered meditation on his travel to Indonesia, but on his return was not yet able to build up a different life and change his habits. He found himself in debt, was able to resolve it and realized something had to change. He planned a 28-day retreat with Swami J (Traditional Yoga and Meditation) in Northern India and his life turned around. You’ll find that the change and deep found peace of Greg is both inspiring and heartfelt.

Episode 1: Pragmatic Meditation

For this first episode, I have a chat with David Bowman, 31 year young New-Yorkian, former Rabbi and a background of working in corporate finance. David found his way to Meditation through Judaism and discovered how Pragmatic Meditation can help people who don't connect with a religion or have no interest in dogma yet still want to be able to follow the Path of Meditation. David created a free course on themindfulcourse.com about access concentration, a way for anyone to practice Meditation with measurable results. You’ll find that the motivation and enthusiasm of David is contagious… and I believe this first episode is a great kick-off to the upcoming podcasts.

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