Loving Kindness: S01E01

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What is loving kindness?

Loving kindness is the practice of cultivating a sense of unconditional love, compassion, sympathetic joy, and other supporting qualities.

It might sound a bit out there – but the truth is, these practices and qualities are tools we can use to help us grow and lead happier and more peaceful lives.

Remember that whatever resistance there may be, a physical discomfort, negative thoughts, and more; just keep at it. “Fake it till’ you make it.” I guarantee that if you continue to persistently practice this, you will see a change.

Things like anxiety, self-deprecating thoughts, low self esteem, hateful attitudes, anger – you will see a change, so long as you practice.

Feel free to reach out on Discord or comment here if you have any questions, and be sure to join us for our evening group meditations every night at 10PM EST.

Greg Jacoby
Greg has heart and passion for supporting others in their practice. He is the visionary behind the design of the website and a devout practitioner of Bhakti Yoga. With over 7 years of dedicated practice, he's come to see that there are as many doors to truth as there are individuals in the world. Greg is experienced in guiding meditation groups and teaching about the heart of Mindfulness.

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