Stay connected, even in difficult times.

Whether you're looking to maintain healthy teams or increase productivity; group-meditation helps.

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    Here's how we're helping

    During these difficult times of social-distancing and self-isolation, it's important for team-leaders to provide opportunities for connection and camaraderie. Micromanaging via endless meetings and KPIs creates distance, not solidarity. This spills not only into employee relationships but over to your customers & clientele.

    We'd like to lead a group meditation for you and your team; for bringing communities together over something meaningful builds healthy and cohesive relationships. Our partners find their teams leave calmer, collected and more prepared for the rest of their day & week. This happens over a 30-minute session with a brief introduction and conclusion. Just this week, we've led multiple sessions for companies all over the world - take a look at some testimonials below.

    "Thank you so much!! We've received so much positive feedback."

    Sandy A.

    Sr. Manager at a large SaaS compny

    "This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!"

    Nicole L.

    Team Leader at a mid-sized Law Firm

    Bringing people together

    We'll work together with your team to find a time that works best for everyone. If someone can't make it, we'll share the recording so they can practice at their leisure.

    Building community

    When working remotely, it's easy to become distracted and distanced from the tasks-at-hand. Bringing everyone together for a group meditation helps the team remain focused, determined and mentally strong.


    With over 5-years experience and 25,000+ hours of group meditations, we've developed programs for teams of all sizes & types.

    Ready to start?

    If this sounds like something helpful to your team, we're offering an introductory 30-minute session for $100. Email us directly at [email protected] and we'll get it on the calendar. We look forward to connecting with your team and building a lasting relationship.

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