Finding Your Bliss

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From alcoholism to Meditation & Mindfulness, the story of Lou Redmond's transformation
“I once lived a life that was far different than the one you see here.”

In this episode, I talk with Lou Redmond, who is a meditation teacher and writer. Central to this episode is finding your bliss, the hero’s journey, and belief in action. We talk about how Lou went from addiction to alcohol to a complete change in his body and mind. He found his path and supposedly his destiny. We deconstruct what happened to him and why he had the courage to quit his job and go on a soul searching journey. We talk about his meditation practice and his teachings on Insight Timer.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: Lou Redmond, glimlacht, baard, buiten en close-up

The Leap of Faith

Faith, trust or belief. Three words that can mean something totally different for each person. In the west, we’ve started to associate the word ‘Faith’ with something resembling ignorance, prejudice and a biased view. When talking with Lou Redmond, we talk about faith in action. This means it is a faith that expresses itself into actions, and not just into sitting, wishing and waiting. There is no magical voice in the clouds telling us unreasonable things, this is a different thing. There will be times we feel like we are led into hard times or strange places, but with faith in our actions, we will be able to persist in what we believe. This belief can be love, hope or success. What is your leap of faith?

Lou Redmond published his own book called "Find your Truth"

Finding your Truth

“The truth will set you free.” Well, what if the truth is there is no one truth for every person? What if all our perspectives are valid in some way, and we all see reality from a different angle? The striving for truth and justice had some horrible consequences in the history of mankind. Again and again, we seem to desire a one-method-for-all approach, something to magically cure us of anything and everything. Time to find your truth, the thing that is valid and important for you at this point in your journey. Whatever any deity or teacher tells you, you have to find it to be your truth. You have to make it work and be the master of your own life and destiny. We talk about finding your bliss, finding what works and unraveling your truth.

Lou Redmond posts guided meditations on Insight Timer

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