Is it healthy to be vegan?

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Isa Tales or Isabelle de Burgh talks about her experience and work with plant-based diets
“It really took a slowing down, listening to myself and unfortunately not listening to the western medical doctors who were putting me on a lot of prescription medications that ended up making me more ill.”

Is it healthy to be vegan? Why should you switch to a plant-based diet?
In this episode, I have a talk with Isabelle de Burgh. She specializes in creating plant-based alternatives to your favorite recipes, teaching young teens the significance of nutrition for mental health, helping eco-friendly & non-toxic brands gain awareness through social media, and functional nutrition for those with a lazy thyroid. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern California and has extensive training in health coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. We talk about switching to a plant-based diet, a holistic approach to wellness, emotional eating and the effect of our metabolism on our everyday life.

We talk about nutrients, metabolism and a holistic approach to wellness
“Young children that were misdiagnosed with ADHD and sometimes Autism, just because they had Gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.”

Why move towards a Plant-Based Diet?

Synchronicity is what Carl Jung called it. In other words, meaningful coincidences. The day we released our podcast I check my Facebook, and I see Tara Brach post a short talk on the topic of moving towards a plant-based diet. The reactions on facebook were mixed, some enjoyed it and some were less positive about it. Central to her talk was the idea of compassion and how it applies to animals and the food industry. We will focus on metabolism, nutrients and the health benefits of eating vegan in this episode.

Is it really healthy to be vegan and only eat plant-based products?

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet or vegan diet means only eating food products made from plants and not animals. Isa recommends using organically grown products which use soil that contains essential nutrients for our body. This might sound like an expensive choice, but ultimately you will find the food sustains your body well. There are numerous health benefits to eating vegan, including; no animal fats, lower cancer risk, improved bone and heart health. Important is to be mindful of what you eat and which plants contain the nutrients you need to eat.

A holistic approach to wellness

Isabelle talks about 9 pillars of wellness that create an essential feeling of happiness in our life. Those can guide you in working out where something might be missing
1. Emotional Wellness
2. Career Wellness
3. Spiritual Wellness
4. Physical Wellness
5. Financial Wellness
6. Aesthetic Wellness
7. Environmental Wellness
8. Social Wellness
9. Intellectual Wellness

If one of these is out of balance, you will feel out of balance. These things are interconnected and will not function as seperate entities in our lives. If that doesn’t make sense, remember the video game “The Sims”? You have to keep making sure those bars are in the green, and when one is red, your sim will not feel happy. I’m not implying we are videogame characters, but it does illustrate the point quite clear. Be mindful of those categories and the current state of those in your life.

Healthy vegan recipes for paleo protein pancake
One of the many healthy vegan recipes, a paleo protein pancake.

Healthy vegan recipes

If you are still not convinced, maybe have a look at these amazing plant-based recipes. Central to moving from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet is applying mindfulness in what you eat. What does your body need and how can you provide it. In our episode, we even talk about the significance of when to eat during the day. Is a healthy breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Is there enough protein in vegan food? Do you need supplements if you switch to a vegan diet? We got you covered.

Find out more

If you enjoyed what Isabelle talked about, make sure to check out here website here:

After this episode, I can really recommend getting in touch with a wellness coach. Figure out what your current diet is, what your ailments are and how you can work to improve it. Medicine can sure help, but if you keep on eating what is bad for you, it will be hard to stop the effects of that.

Let me know your experiences with plant-based diets. Did you like it? Do you still prefer meat and why? Write a comment below or simply join our Online Community here and @Christiaan me directly. I’d love to hear from you!

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