Lucid Dreaming, Creativity & Mindfulness in performing

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Helen Denham talks about creativity & mindfulness
“The beautiful thing about meditation… is, you are able to come back down, observe all of those thoughts, let them pass, watch them go, see what your habits are in your thinking and then you reach… [a place where you realize]; oh, i’m the person looking at this, i’m the one observing this, that’s who I am and that place is unconditional love.”

Creativity & Mindfulness

In this episode, I talk with Recording Artist Helen Denham from New York, about her experience with meditation & mindfulness throughout her life. Besides meditation as inspiration for her writing, she uses a dream journal and reality checks to maintain her awareness throughout the day. We explore what performing, recording, and writing have to do with mindfulness. Central to singing and performing is using your breath in a beneficial way. Every moment and motion influences your voice and every inhale will determine the power of the next note. We dig into how mindfulness is important to her performing.

Creativity, mindfulness and making music

Dreaming and awareness

Lucid dreaming has been a personal interest of mine for over 5 years and I’ve recorded a dream journal consistently for around a year. In this time, I noticed how my memory improved, my visualization abilities got stronger and most of all, how much my dreams connect with my daily life. Why do dreams matter? How can we use it for our practice of mindfulness? I talk with Helen about her upbringing and how she, from a young age, started to record her dreams. What impact does it have on her life and practice? Can they enhance our experience of daily life? We’ll talk about this subject in the podcast.

Woman Facing Vanity Mirror

Modelling & Self-image

Helen has experience in the world of modeling, and from her story it is clear that isn’t always an easy world. It’s a world of perfectionism and incredibly demanding performance. To look into the mirror and accept yourself might not come as easy. Especially when media and marketing portray your gender in a specific way. Do you really have to meet these standards? How can you find acceptance and self-love in a world full of comparing minds? Instagram can be a helpful tool and a destructive weapon. To sell yourself, or to be yourself? We talk about the impact of these things and how Helen deals with it.

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