Episode 3: Experience Meditation

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The Podcast format

I’m sitting down and having a chat with other meditators from around the world to talk about their practice, the lessons they have learned and what they want the world to know. From Zen, Christianity to Secular, all traditions have valuable insights and approaches to awareness, and in this podcast we explore those with you.

The Mindful Course team

In this episode I have a chat with Benjamin Bush. Benjamin together with David (first episode), Greg (second episode) and me have started to work as a team on themindfulcourse.com and the Meditation & Mindfulness community. For each one of us, meditation has a lasting and genuine effect on our lives and the lives of people around us. In these first three episodes I will explore what meditation means for each of the team members.

Are you experienced?

Benjamin came into contact with meditation at a very young age and immediately attained a state of trance. It has since become an integral part of his daily life and outlook on the world.
Not bound by dogma or religion, Benjamin talks about the difference between the practice of meditation and the experience of meditation. Experiencing meditation can be done anywhere, whether on the cushion or listening to a music concert. Meditation isn’t some abstract thing that we haven’t done before; Benjamin proposes we have all experienced meditation.
Benjamin challenges us to experience meditation in its most pure form and let go of our conceptions of what meditation is or isn’t. Let this podcast inspire and motivate you to let go of your conceptions of meditation and take a fresh new dive into experiencing it.

Want to learn more?

Make sure to visit Benjamin’s web page to stay in touch with everything Benjamin does and get updates on his latest publication here: http://www.benjaminbush.com
If you’d like to talk about this podcast or have some feedback or ideas, please let me know by joining our community here https://discord.gg/FKWFeYq and simply use @christiaan or send me a DM! I would love to hear from you.

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Christiaan Neeteson
Christiaan is passionate about building a supportive, healthy and positive community. He hosts the podcast, creates meditative music and is the co-founder of Project Mindfulness.

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