Shamanism, Psychomagic & La Malinche

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In this episode of the podcast, I talk with Maria Fernanda Leaño, who is a New York based Artist & Journalist. She uses her alter-ego name Malinche for her work and performance. Malinche is passionate about building bridges; bridges between cultures, races and countries. She is passionate about shifting our perspective on who we are and who others are. We talk about her journey into spirituality, meditation & mindfulness and how she discovered her passion for changing perspectives.

La Malinche

Central to Malinche is the story of La Malinche. La Malinche acted as an interpreter, advisor, an intermediary for the Spaniards in the 1500’s. Malinche is captivated by this story and the impact she had in history. Malinche has a passion for building bridges between people and uses her art to do so. We talk about her past and how she grew up. The boarding school she went to when young created a connection between cultures & religions all over the world. Exposure to different traditions & cultures shaped her into a multicultural person.

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One of the many and diverse pieces of art Malinche creates

Psychomagic & Art

She references Alejandro Jodorowsky, who uses psychomagic to create awareness in his movies and art. Psychomagic uses the powers of dreams, art, and theater to heal deep wounds and is a Shamanic Psychotherapy. In her performance and in her art, Malinche aims to create awareness and touch the hearts of people visiting. Malinche is an alter-ego, a way of expressing art and awareness through performance.

I talk with Malinche about Shamanism and Psychomagic


Malinche is deeply connected with the native Mexican tradition and culture. We talk about Shamanism, a practice where one reaches altered states of consciousness to see and interact with a spirit world and bring these energies into this physical world. The Shaman is considered a (natural) medicine doctor, who can support and heal people with the use of plants and herbs. We talk about her experiences and insights from the retreats she visited.

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Change your vision

It boils down to a clear message: “Change your perspective”. Whether you think you believe in the truth or not, there are different ways of seeing the world. Through meditation, mindfulness and many spiritual practices, we can shift our mindset. Our consciousness expands and we are able to open our heart and mind to those around us.

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